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Drysuit repairs

Seal Replacment (Remove and Replace)
Wrist Seals, Standard$90
Wrist Seals, Heavy Duty$99
Wrist Seals RS$99
Neck Seal Replacement (Remove and Replace)
Neck Seal Standard$111
Neoprene Seal$116
Boots and Socks (Remove and Replace)
Flex soles, ankle straps, inside sole$331
Neoprene Socks$254
Inlet Valve, Swivel$90
INSTALLATION with valve$102
Exhaust Valve, APEX High Profile $90
INSTALLATION with valve$102
Exhaust Valve, SI-Tech Low Profile $130
INSTALLATION with valve$140
Exhaust Valve, APEX Low Profile$90
INSTALLATION with valve$102
Halcyon P-Valve$189
Halcyon P-Valve Installation$235
P-valve Installation, customer provided$90
P-valve Removal & Patch$50
Shorten Sleeves 2" MAX$123
Shorten Legs 2" MAX$123
Waterproof Zippers (Remove and Replace)
Standard Brass Zipper$366
TiZip Plastic Zipper$366
Accessories Repairs
Halcyon Pockets Installed Per Pocket$60
Pocket Removal$65
Ankle Straps Installed$42
Crotch Strap Installed$50
Suspenders Installed$70