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Diver's Alert Marker, 3.3' oral inflate only

Diver's Alert Marker, 3.3' (1 m) long, with OPV, oral inflate only: choose orange or yellow

Halcyon Diver Alert Markers provide maximum visibility and redundant flotation to support diving safety and peace of mind. Marker buoys are essential safety equipment in the event of separation from the dive team or surface vessel.

Key Features of Halcyon oral inflate Diver's Alert Markers

*Easily inflated at depth
*Diver's Alert Markers use an integrated pressure-relief valve (OPV), allowing for gas expansion so they can be deployed from depth
*When deflated, all markers fit in a Halcyon thigh pocket or backplate Storage Pak
*Features Halcyon's No-Lock® (one-way valve) construction for oral inflate

Price: $99.00