Service and Repair

Regulator Annual Service
First and Second Stage (includes O2 cleaning, O2 compatible lubricants)$75.00
First Stage (includes O2 cleaning, O2 compatible lubricants)$45.00
Second Stage (includes O2 cleaning, O2 compatible lubricants)$35.00
Rush Fee: 2nd Day service for a single stage regulator (includes O2 cleaning, O2 compatible lubricants)$30.00
Rush Fee: 2nd Day service for a First and Second stage combo with SPG (includes O2 cleaning, O2 compatible lubricants)$50.00

Dry Suit

Click here for prices on repairs and modifications.
All drysuits are subject to a leak-test.

Minor Repair (5 business days) (minimum $75.00 same-day or 2nd rush fee)
Seal Replacement, Valve Service or Replacement, Accessory installation, Leak Repair
Major Repair (10 business days)
Zip Seal Reto-fit, Removal & Replace Zipper. Boot Replacement.

$45/hour plus parts (please contact for detail)

Halcyon Manifold Kit$15.00
Manifold Rebuild (Includes Rebuild Kit + Breakdown and Assembly)$35.00
Manifold Cleaning (Includes Rebuild Kit + Breakdown and Assembly))$40.00

Single Tank VIP (includes Viton O-ring)$12.00
VIP+ (All cylinders older than 10 years)$15.00
Double Tank VIP (Break down+Assembly+Viton O-ring)$35.00
Cylinder Washing/O2 Cleaning$20.00
Cylinder Tumbling & Washing/O2 Cleaning$45.00