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Cinch Quick-Adjust Harness

The Halcyon Quick-adjust harness sets a new standard in recreational and technical BC systems. The Cinch (patent pending) can be used with single or double tanks and allows easy harness adjustability while avoiding “quick-release” buckles and dangling webbing. Simply push or pull the webbing and your size adjustment is complete. This quick, easy-fit system allows divers to size a snug harness without compromising easy removability. It is also ideal for student training and rental departments, or for divers that wear suits of varying thickness. The system is easily adjustable in or out of the water, making it ideal for convenient, in-water equipment removal. The Cinch is also very effective during emergency situations.

Key Components of the Cinch Quick-adjust Harness

*Cinch Quick-adjust; infinite adjustability with a simple push or pull of the webbing
*Fits standard size stainless steel or aluminum Halcyon backplates
*Can be used with single or double tank BC Systems
*Seamless use with Halcyon ACB weight pockets, canister light and hip D-ring

Components include:

Cinch Adapter Plate (Patent pending)
12’ of replacement ‘H’ Webbing for Standard Size (10' for Small size)
ACB Weight Pocket Adapters
D-ring Assembly
Light Retainer Assembly
Stainless Steel Bolt Kit
Quick-adjust Crotch Strap
Double tank Bolt Extender

Also available in size small for a custom fit for size small backplates.

Price: $119.00