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Ladyhawk BCD w/ BPI

The Ladyhawk, Knighthawk and Litehawk back-floatation BCs incorporate an array of features which make them a truly complete package for divers who prefer a more streamlined profile.
This superior women's BC teams all the technical features you need in a back flotation jacket yet with a female-specific cut and design. This back flotation jacket is thoughtfully tailored to enhance the female diver's experience and represents a new dimension in optimized load distribution, freedom of movement and comfort.
* Back flotation technology positions air bladder in the back, providing exceptional freedom of movement around chest and shoulders
* Quick-release integrated weight system
* 3-dump deflation system enables divers to dump air from a variety of underwater positions
* Patented harness constuction
* Streamlined air cell technology, and automatic volume control of air cell through compression straps
* Rotating Quick Release shoulder buckles and adjustable shoulder straps improve fit
* Dual zippered pockets with rollout pocket- easily accessible with an expandable compartment
* Soft neoprene neck roll and padded back pad provide skin-friendly padding
* Firmly padded, flexible cummerbund compensates for changes in the suit resulting from varying depths

Price: $429.00