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Guided Dives

Extreme Exposure conducts regular guided diving in the local High Springs area as well as trips to the Mill Pond in North Florida. Our accomplished group of guides provide a range of diving opportunities for divers of all skill levels. Diving trips are catered to your group’s particular interests. Educational trips are also available which can include guided diving and skill practice/refinement. Prices vary according to the trip and the particular request. Guided dives are generally $150-$250/day with educational trips costing approximately $500/day. Usually this fee is split among several participants (max three). Please contact the EE staff for more information about guided diving.

Guided Diving

Recreational Half Day
(4 hours)

1-person $75
2-person $125
3-person $150

  Recreational Full Day
(8 hours)

1-person $150
2-person $200
3-person $300

    Cave Full Day
(8 hours)

1-person $250
2-person $400 Group
3-person $550 Group

  Instructional Dives
By appointment; rates vary with instructor

1-person $500
2-person $800
3-person $1,000